We have an announcement to make at the Peer and Bizza Night tomorrow!

Just a heads up to stay tuned for tomorrow evening just after the Peer and Bizza night!!

Those attending the night will get to hear it first so stay tuned!


True North Mark


~ by True North Mark on November 5, 2009.

16 Responses to “We have an announcement to make at the Peer and Bizza Night tomorrow!”

  1. Your setting up a gallery for me … cheers Mark that is very nice of you 😉

  2. Its actually for the east coast posse’ Neal…. you west coast guys already have CF’s gallery… we got nothing

  3. move to the east coast mate and we can join forces…….. blow that other guy, I think his name is Ken something or other out of the water… an eclectic blend of east meets west huh…

  4. Have a good night fellas! Cheers from the ol’ sheep atation!

  5. Hi Mark, thanks for a great evening and for cooking all those pizzas and have fun in PNG… Mark

  6. !2.07 am and we just arrived home . Great night Mark thanks mate.


    Dave … I hope your not sleeping with a sheep !!!!

  7. Thanks for opening your home to us and providing those awesome pizza’s. I had to have 2 … Enjoyed my time there wish I could of stayed a little longer …

  8. Great to meet you and experience your generosity and hospitality first hand. Sorry I didn’t stay to wash up but I knew you had a couple of professionals there to take care of it. Look forward to seeing you on Australia Day. Thanks for a great night (and another great idea).

  9. Thanks Neal and Muzz,

    Looking fwd to doing a shoot with you on my return Neal!



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