The Ultimate Fishing Experience

Heli Fishing SIte

Heli Fishing

Here is something different! Interested in the best fishing experience ever?

On True North Kimberley cruises we offer heli fishing excursions where we fly to an area that no one else can get to and fish from a rock ledge for a couple of hours. The last time I did the heli excursion we came back with 17 Baramundi!!

We have a saying on board…’every tackle box should have one’….a helicopter that is!!:)

For sure the most memorable and exciting fishing adventure I have ever had.


~ by True North Mark on October 31, 2009.

20 Responses to “The Ultimate Fishing Experience”

  1. Nice one, the first is a beauty but the second creates a real memory for the couple in the photo. That’s something to remember an experience by for the punter, and artistic too, something to print big and hang it on the wall as opposed to the usual “brag shot’. Smashing idea:)

  2. Absolutely! Every tackle box SHOULD have one!

  3. our tackle box has one Mark….. and Im with you, everyone should have one… ! !

  4. hmmmmm a helicopter would be nice.
    A couple of keepers there. I’m sure they would be great for advertising

  5. Stop teasing me, it would be so nice to be there right now.
    Would the crocs like me in my new Hobie? catching a barra in the Hobie could be fun.

    Great pics.

  6. Ever since watching SKIPPY as a kid,i have had heli-envy! :-))

  7. Awesome! And yes, I want to make a helicopter a permanent part of my gear as well so when I go out shooting it will be natural to say: camera, check, lenses, check, filters, check, memory cards, check, batteries, check, helicopter, check!

    • I am with ya Bo!

      As I am a Director of WHT Coax helicopters, you never know…I might just own one oneday!

      Google WHT helicopters and you will find it.





  8. Mark,
    Funny you should mention thowe choppers.. One of my good mates, Brett, is actually an engineer for Whieland ( hope i spelt his name rite ) and works out of Warnervale… He talks about those things all the time… they look like fun indeed

  9. small world eh Rod!

    I probably met your mate when I flew to Warnervale with Peter!!



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