I’m Back!!

Trini Castle-2

Well…I am back in one piece…somewhat weary after 41 hours of travel…and down one bag thanks to American Airlines losing it somewhere between Miami and LA!! How do you do that? It is only one stop?

I worked this image up on the way back. Another cool piece of history in Trinadad. Unfortunately I did not have a chance meeting from anyone who knew anything about the history of this one, but I think it is something to do with a Governor’s residence.

Hope you like it!


~ by True North Mark on October 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “I’m Back!!”

  1. Hey Mark, these architectural images are really interesting. Is there are Portuguese historical influence in Trinidad?
    Great light over the Port of Spain also. Cheers for stopping by my wordpress re the muso image., I posted a reply otherwise talk more at the P & B night regards Adrian

  2. Oh so grand! Fit for the governor I’d say.
    There is obviously a lot of history over there.
    Welcome back to Oz!

  3. nice perspectives here mark!

  4. Nice light on this one Mark. The way Fletch was talking up you pizza oven I’m expecting it to look something like this!! 🙂

  5. Welcome back Mark, that must have been a wonderful trip! I too like the angles, adds interest.

  6. Mark,

    Welcome back mate… Trinidad looks like an interesting place. I need you to rest up mate, we got a massive week coming up soon.. 14 more sleeps mate…

    Cant wait to see some more shots from your trip. Got my circ pol today, lens and flash tomorrow along with more meory and im set……

    Talk soon


    • Hey Rod,

      I was wondering when I was going to get an update on how far we have to go!

      All sounds good mate. Make sure you bring your lappy as we will spend a few hours working up some images side by side I reckon as Christian and I did in the Kimberley.

      I am all set to go. Just washed all the dive gear this morning from the Rowley’s trip.

      Don’t worry about me keeping up mate…I am up for anything…just ask the Fletcher’s!!



  7. The Fletchers… who are those guys ? LOL ( sorry Mike & Christian )
    cya in a few weeks

  8. Hey Mark,
    Glad to see you back from Trinidad in one piece with some great pics too.
    Looking forward to catching up on Friday night and discussing “The Derby Experience”

    • Hi Grant,

      Yes, I too am looking fwd to putting lots of faces to blog names!

      See you tomorrow.



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