Trinidad Castle

Trini -Castle

Well finally got out a bit today with my trusty driver and saw some beaches, had some local delicacy for lunch called Bake and Shark and then back home where I managed to get this cool shot of an old Castle house just next to the local Savana (large park).

What was really cool is that whilst looking for the best angle a lady approached me and told me that she was the Great Great Grand Daughter of the builder of this fantastic property!! How cool was that! Her name was Catherine Stolmyer (not sure if I got the spelling right Catherine sorry!

Anyway Catherine went onto say that he Great uncle used to paint from the top window and create these amazing paintings of the Savana.

So a great way to conclude my stay at Trinidad and thanks for the history on the Castle Catherine. If you do drop by please don’t hesitate to either correct my spelling or to add to the story!


True North Mark


~ by True North Mark on October 25, 2009.

13 Responses to “Trinidad Castle”

  1. Hey great shot and good story, the things that happen.

    I could not even begin to imagine what fletch would do with an image like that !!

  2. This is very nice Mark, the composition, light and editing are spot on.
    Not to mention a top subject as well.

  3. Yea I agree with Merv. The castle looks like CF’s kind of playground. What an interesting find Mark. I would never have imaged finding something like that over there. It looks like Europe but then again it kinda doesn’t. Really quite unique. The levels look great. You did a great job with this one Mark! Really nice colour balance too. Congrats all round really!

  4. Looks like a great subject to photograph. Excellent job on the post processing. Looks a little like a HDR, so I’m assuming there where a few adjustment layers and a bit of masking to get such a great dynamic range in the photograph. Looks fantastic.

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys. In LA now on the way home after travelling all day since 0730! I now have a 4 hour stop over in LA and then a 17.5 hour flight to Singapore, then a 3 hour stop over and then 5 hours to finally be home Tuesday arvo….41 hours all up!!!

    And yes Graham it did take a bit of work as I should have taken it when we left in the morning with the light shining from the East, but had to make do with sunsetting light kinda shining at me.

    I took a heap of angles and nearly didn’t post it…but glad you like it!



  6. A special thanks to Dave for all the comments to by the way!!!

  7. What a cool looking place! Nice image of it Mark, you could really play with it.

  8. cool image Mark and I love the story – fantastic !
    tone (-:

    • Thanks for the comments guys!

      In Singapore after travelling for 32 hours so far…9 to go!



  9. damn it, I wish that was one of mine, I could imagine some pretty surreal composites going on top of that. love it Markie, and well worked too.

  10. Mark, I do like this, it’ll make a great ‘play thing’ for the future, Seriously, I think this is one image that will surprise you every time you come back to it. I keep playing with my stitches of the Palisade in Sydney nothing yet to post, but a favourite (probably for the wrong reasons).

    • Thanks Matt,

      I actually to a number of images of the castle for that very reason, so that I can come back to it with another slant!



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