Trinidad Sunset

Trini -SS

We have had some pretty cool skies here since I have been in Trinidad, but for sure the sunset this evening was quite something. There was a real passenger carrying Airship cruising around over the Port of Spain and have a look in the foreground…they are building an arts centre that looks very suspiciously like our Opera House!

Apparently the Chinese have designed it and are building the centre and the planned opening is in 6 weeks. They may well have to conjure some of their Chinese magic if they are indeed to achieve that goal!


~ by True North Mark on October 24, 2009.

16 Responses to “Trinidad Sunset”

  1. Hey Mark, cool lighting in this shot. I love the clouds and the blimp.

  2. Awesome sky!

  3. Great shot – love the clouds, the airship just tops it off…

    • Thanks Mark,

      Getting out and about today for the first time away from my little hotel prison…so it will be interesting to see what I can capture further afield.



  4. Awesome Mark, very nice ! !

  5. Mark, that one’s very nice. I really like the colours and the wispiness (is there such a word) of the clouds. Must have been a stunning view from the airship.

    • Thanks Simon, That is one thing that works pretty well in Trinidad…is the sunsets! Cheers, Mark


  6. Truly a beautiful photograph Mark, love the blimp!!!

    • Thanks Craig, A shame it wasn’t a little closer, but it worked OK I guess! Cheers, Mark


  7. Very nice. Love the colours in the sky.

  8. Nice one Mark. I’m liking all your Trinidad stuff. What about using an airship on the back of TN rather than a Heli. Might be a bit cheaper Ha Ha!!!

  9. Hey Mike…thanks for the positive feedback mate, coz I gotta tell you that I had to work hard to get the ones I did…the Kimberley it is not!

    I am sure the the airship would cost way more than a heli to run mate!

    Hope to see you next week…cheers Mark

  10. Not what I imagined Trinidad to look like – great photo. Colours definitely look way better in the full size image than on the thumbnail – really rich and lustrous.

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