Trinidad Pelican Boat

PB Band W

Here is another boaty sort of shot from Trinidad.

The Pelicans are all over the boat and it makes for an interesting composition I reckon. The Black and White certainly is the play for this image as it is far superior to the colour version.


~ by True North Mark on October 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “Trinidad Pelican Boat”

  1. Great contrast between the clouds, sky, ocean and boat. Very nice.

  2. Nice shot mate….
    504 hours to go

    • Thanks Rod..just spoke to the boat and they are in West Papua and Craig reckons they have just done the first dive up there and the life under the sea is the most he has ever seen anywhere!

      Not long now mate!

  3. Nice one Mark.

    I’d like to see the colour version of this by the look of that sky and water reflection

    • Thanks Merv and Dave…if I get time I will see what I can do with the colour version.



  4. Really moody. Looks like the pic was taken a couple of lifetimes ago.

  5. wahoo…. cant wait…. even though I wont be diving, just to get away again will be awesome….. safe traveling mate ! !

  6. love the composition and feel of the image, great capture. I don’t know what is going on with your lappy but this looks to me like it could do with a bit more light in the water and boat. Funny because I have thought that about you most recent posts. Don’t know what it is looking like on your screen. If you get your info palette out and run your mouse over the white, just check the numbers. Did you do this with Nik’s?

    • No I did it in Photoshop CF. I haven’t got around to buying the full version of Nik’s but will soon.



  7. Nik’s, i remember them from PMA, awesome stuff. This is a great image, composition’s spot on the money. Very cool!

  8. Great photo, looks awesome in Black and White.

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