First image from the ‘Port of Spain’!

Triple Master

Here is the first image I managed to ping off whilst checking out the port fit for a new ferry project I am working on.

These old boats looked very tired and neglected, but I bet they have a few stories to tell from there hey days!!

Very tropical here as it is on the 11th parallel. More to come later in the week when i get a chance to get a bit further afield.


~ by True North Mark on October 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “First image from the ‘Port of Spain’!”

  1. interesting shot, I like the colour. The boats do look old and tired. The pic adds to that look.

  2. would be great in b&w too.

    • Yep I thought about B&W but I think that the gritty colour gig works pretty well. I might try a B&W for teh sake of it as well.

      This place is pretty rough eh! Everywhere you go there is razor wire and barbed wire. Certainly not the place to go wandering around….and the Jamacian lingo man on man it is hard to understand them. I had 2 guys going hard at it today in the car and I could barely understand a word…yet they were speaking English…or their version of it!

  3. Surreal

  4. Nice painterly look mate.

    ( If thats a word ! )

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