This one’s for Bo!!

Essence of Life

Hey Bo, you remember you sent me the cropped version of this shot and I mentioned that I thought the animal bones needed to be in the shot as they are pivotal to the story, well here is my version taking in your comments and Christian’s. I spent a fair bit of time on this image and I think the final result is pretty good.

What I like about the shot is the dry lake off in the distance and the fast diminishing water in the foreground and then the animal bones in the bottom corner shows just how harsh the Australian outback can be.

Clive Cussler wrote a very good book a while back called ‘Blue Gold’ and I reckon he is onto it. Fresh water is what the world will be fighting about in the future and this picture shows just how fragile things are without water.

My bit of philosophy for the morning…or night…depending where you are!!

~ by True North Mark on October 19, 2009.

14 Responses to “This one’s for Bo!!”

  1. I like this version very very much. Just about perfect, one of your absolute best. It is a stunning dramatic landscape.

    And yes fresh water and drinking is already a massive problem and will get bigger. A large percentage of the worlds population do not have clean drinking water today.

    • Hey thanks Bo and coming from you I take that as a real compliment as you are a hard task master!

      Thanks for the comments.



      • hehe, well yeah I know what I like and I am quite picky / hard to please 🙂 No point unless you push the envelope, strive for improvement always. But I know I really like this!

      • Then that makes a big tick from Bo all that more sought after now don’t it!!

        Thanks Mate!

  2. Nice image Mark, Clive Cussler is spot on. There is a finite amount of water on this planet and it is priceless!
    Australia has taken water for granted in a lot of ways and we are steadily realising that we live on the DRIEST continent on earth!

    • You bet!

      We will live to regret not following the wisdom and foresight of the Libs when they wanted to bring water down from the Ord I reckon.

      There is an endless supply up there and it would have created heaps of jobs for a long time to come, not to mention the areas down the way that would have benefited by getting access to so much water.



  3. I don’t know what was suggested, but it’s worked some magic, that’s one beautiful image. I’m with you on the water, with Perth ever growing and it’s isolation we need to think big and not for the 4 years between elections. Now where can i fit a water tank?

    • Thanks Matthew,

      It was to do with some cropping and colour tones etc.

      But yes it has come out pretty well even if I do say so myself!



  4. Great image Mark… I hope you get it printed nice and big.

  5. very nice Mark, definitely sums up all you’ve talked about there on the water issue.
    love that header image of yours as well! 🙂

  6. Hi mate, very painterly feel to this one and beautiful subtle tones so well done. Just one point, is the horizon slightly off?

  7. love it mate, something special about it, don’t know what it is but it works.

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