Pizza Night for WA Photo Bloggers

I suggested to Christian a while back that we should have a get together for the Western Australian Photography community so I have selected Friday the 6th of November and the night will be a pizza night from my Wood Fired pizza oven.

I will limit the numbers so get in quick and register your interest and I will confirm your invitation by sending an invite to your email address with the address on it.

I would like to keep the numbers below 50 or so…so first in best dressed I guess!!

It will be BYO, but I will provide the pizza action.




~ by True North Mark on October 19, 2009.

46 Responses to “Pizza Night for WA Photo Bloggers”

  1. Should be ok with me, I’m in.

  2. Sounds good, I’d be up for it.

    • A newby out of the woodwork! Nice to hear from you Mark.

      I will send out a broad cast email to those who got in early enough closer to the day with the details on it.



  3. Would love to come, but have to wait till I get to WA sometime in Feb or March next year.

  4. I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a while, Merv and I comment back and forth a bit from time to time so would be good to put some faces to names etc… Also would be good to get some things happening over here in the West for a change, always seems to be Sydney that all the gatherings happen…

    • We’ll show em the way mate…leave it to Beaver!



      • OK potential Pizza goers…I need to work out a way to get the message out to everyone without it taking me a heap of time, so I suggest that you email me at with your email address and phone numbers, then I will put your name into a draft email and when it is closer to the day I will simply send it out.

        Sound like a plan?

        Merv and Mark, you guys can start the play.



  5. Hi Mark,
    Would also love to join in, will email details.

  6. Have a great time fellas! Unfortunately I’ll be still in Melb and won’t be back in Perth until December when I do the Nullabour… AGAIN!

    I reckon it’s really awesome and very generous that you’re putting this on Mark.

    Make sure you email Mark everyone!!!

  7. Arrrh sorry Mark but I’m going to be at my parents sheep station in November. Sorry mate would have loved to be there! Can I scalp my ticket to the highest bidder? He he..


    • That’s a real shame Dave…you were going to be one of the ‘star attractions’…next time mate!

  8. I cant make the pizza night as I am going on some boat the week after and Im not sure my wife would like it……

    Have fun guys, have a piece for me, chicken and pepperoni thanks ! ! !

  9. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for sharing your pad and initiating such a gathering.
    Hope you find my details at your email address
    Cheers Adrian

  10. Any adventurous graphic designers out there wanna think about designing a commemorative T-shirt to mark the occasion?

  11. can I come Markie, I don’t eat much!!! plus I’m really good at dishes!!

    • Oh OK mate and yes you have proven yourself on the dishes front…you have been well trained indeed!

      PS: I have a tip for you on those dirty jobs that no one likes…the trick is to do a really bad job and then you never get asked to do them again!! 🙂

      Will Mike be coming? He is on the invite list.

  12. Hey Mark, can you count me in too?
    Cheers 🙂

  13. hey mark ill be in that mate you got a spot for a fellow 1ds user


  14. Count me in too please… I asked nicely 🙂

  15. I’ll have to scalp Dave’s ticket even though I have Western Australia heritage, still only leaves the 4000kms…..maybe Mervs heli-beast?

  16. Damn, will be in Singapore on my way back from KL. That said, Mark, thanks for this great offer and I am sure it will be a great night. I am sorry I can’t be there…

  17. An excellent idea;I would love to attend.

  18. Hey Mark, dangit, that’s the night of the Esther Foundation masquerade charity ball, and as you posted that date, i thougtht, dangit (again), i should have invited Mark to the ball. Oh well, however, if it’s going into the wee hours, I could be up for a late visit!! Also Mark if you could, check out, and if there is anything you think you could do for the ball or Esther I would love to have you involved, a very worthy community organisation. Cheers mate, great idea, the pizza night, one day i will actually get a blog and be amongst it. Just shot my mate Josh Sheehan, FMX gun, was very awesome.

  19. I shoot Nikon and like VB……..can I come?

  20. Damn I want to come, but its a bloody long trip from Qld for a pizza night!!

  21. Am I welcome to Come to this Pizza Night of the Elite!? 🙂

    • No worries William!

      I have put you down and will fwd the formal invite when I send it to the rest.



  22. All,

    I have sent out the invite email as the draft I had put together crashed on me and I had to redo it.

    Therefore I am not 100% sure I got everyone.

    If you have not received the invite yet, then drop me a line and I will fwd it to you.



  23. yep Michael would like to be there Markie, as well as Tony Hewitt. I will take your advice about doing the dishes badly after the pizza night. How does that sound. Should be a good crowd mate.

    • Good idea to leave doing things badly till after! Yes the crowd is shaping up nicely…wait till they here about the next gig we are thinking of eh!

  24. If there is still a spot left I would like to add my name to the list Mark
    Cheers Pete.

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