In Trinidad now after 41 hours of Travel!!!

Coral -Gardens

Verticle-Coral Gardens

Well, after 41 hours of travel I have finally arrived at Trinidad for a consultancy job we have landed. The Government here has ordered 4 x 41 Cats as water taxis of Austal Ships where i used to work and we have landed the task of being the Owner’s reps for the build.

I therefore had a fair bit of time on my hands to work up some images so here are a few of them!!


~ by True North Mark on October 19, 2009.

16 Responses to “In Trinidad now after 41 hours of Travel!!!”

  1. Mark,
    Its a long way huh….. Love the colours in these shots, hope we get some of this in PNG.. I am going to get some sort of housing for my camera so I can take a few water shots as well huh…. Cya soon

    • That was quick mate!

      We should get a truckload of it Rod and the good thing is that I have learned a few tricks on the Rowleys gig about what works and what doesn’t so I can pass that on to you!

      If you are going to get a housing for your 5D then make sure it is a good one…ie rated for 40m. Otherwise get the new G11 with a housing. They are only $1,000 or so and get reasonable results.

      CF and Mike are about to road test a 7D that they reckon will be about $2,000. It is said to have vid as well as good quality stills and about 15 megapixels so that could be a very worthy puppy to grab a hold of as an underwater machine I reckon.

      The Marine Professor on True North does very well with his G9 and says that he has resisted going to an SLR because you cannot interchange from Macro or Wide underwater, which is a valid point as I think the real gold for underwater shots is the textures are natural art…but I am far from mastering that yet.

      We will have to see what we can get on some snorkelling sorties at PNG!



  2. Pure tropical bliss, can’t wait to get back to the tropics. So beautiful, well captured Mark.

    • Yes for sure, I am also looking fwd to getting to PNG with Rod soon, although the weather in Perth when I left was just about perfect.

      Can’t wait to get to Rotto a bit more either!



  3. Nice pics Mark. REally like the verticle image!

  4. Hey mon! Are those big Trinidadians looking after you? Love the shots Mark and while you’re in Trinidad, if you have a spare day it’s worth hopping on a short Liat flight to neighbouring Tobago.
    Pigeon Point has a great jetty and sign and the beaches and crystal clear water are some of the world’s best nature.
    Big swell here at Scarb on Sat with 37 degrees, so look forward to sharing a wave when you get back. Cheers mate.

    • Gidday Ric,

      Great to see you on the blog…stop teasing me mate…it was bad enough when Glenn emailed me and told me he was off to Rotto for the weekend when I was in Singapore!

      I will follow your advice should time permit…mon!!!

      Catch up on my return mate!



  5. Who’s teasing who? I’d swap a coupla days in Trinidad and Tobago with Perth anytime! Hope you have a great trip.

  6. Hey Mark – if you want to see what Tobago is like and have a laugh, go to this link:
    That’s me swinging from the Pigeon Point sign and Erin in the last photo with the big Caribbean bloke.

    Cheers and have fun!

    • Cool mate…you are famous again!!

      I think on this trip I will explore the Southern Beaches of Trinidad on the one day I will have free and next year for hand over when I am here for 2 weeks I will go to Tobago.



  7. mate that water is to die for. Larry Mitchell eat your heart out. Just one comment, the sky could do with some contrast. The white clouds could be whiter I think. On my screen anyway. I like em though, makes me want to jump in and that is saying something from me!!

    • Thanks mate!

      Yep I am trying to take a leaf from the Larry Mitchell style….I like it and it works well in some of the places I get to.

      I learned a fair bit taking these shots so I will be well set up for PNG.

      There are a few tricks to get it right and as you rightly point out there are still some improvements on those ones as well.



  8. Hi Mark

    Great Picture give me a skype call when your back in Perth


    (Goa – India)

    • Thanks for the comments everyone.

      Amother great day here. About to post a few more shots…so stay tuned!

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