This one’s for Skin!!!

This one's for Skin!!!

On the recent trip to the Rowley’s I met a great bunch of blokes from Ballarat and Bendigo. They were all the best of mates and really knew how to have a good time. I think the record was last drinks at 0415!!

Skin was the leader of the pack and there is not much on this planet he hasn’t done He told me about the potential of this site with these awesome reds and boulders so I have dedicated this post to Skin!

Thanks Mate!


~ by True North Mark on October 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “This one’s for Skin!!!”

  1. Is that just outside Broome mate, on the back road out to the jetty?

  2. gday mark, great shots youve accumulated, im looking fwd to the next true north adventure, shall be in touch in the near future to be sure i end up on a trip with you again . good stuff. skin

    • Nice to hear from you Skin!

      PNG was a blast and I just know you would have enjoyed it. A number of the dives were exceptional.

      Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you visited!

      Say gidday to the rest of the guys from the Rowleys trip.



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