Broome Rivers


This is one of the images I took from Ralf’s jump plane. I had my mate Con in there with me who had never been in a Cessna 182 before. I strapped him in with a Tandem harness (I was as well) and then off we went into the early morning sunrise.

He was pretty cool until I opened the inflight door, but he recovered pretty quickly and then enjoyed the sights.

Certainly a great way to cover some ground and get an unobstructed view below with less vibration than a chopper as well as 1/4 of the cost!!

~ by True North Mark on October 14, 2009.

15 Responses to “Broome Rivers”

  1. bloody nice pic mate, love that early morning light and colour of this image, you nailed it buddy. Th e horizon is a little off but I’m sure that is just an optical illusion :-0)

  2. Mate this is an awesome pic. It must be nice to shoot without a helicopter fish bowl in the way and the associated reflections. This image has very attractive colours and I like the curve on the horizon, adds a sense of scale. Your previous posts are also interesting particularly the fires and the eco resort, great place !

  3. I love that beautifully curved horizon . This planet is not flat and horizons are not always straight. A beautiful image that’s looks real too. Welcome to the spherical (oblate spheroid) earth society.

  4. Super nice, that is some great patterns and lovely colours!

  5. Awesome shot Mark, Have I mentioned PNG is less than a month away yet ?

  6. Really nice Mark. Great subtle colours.
    Sorry I’ve been awol for the past week. Did a quick trip to get a few more birds.
    Really like this shot!

  7. ALMOST as a good a view as you would get out of a 4WD!! Joking mate, cracker of an image.

  8. Great pic Mark,
    I love intertidal areas around estuaries.

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