A little Adventure at Eco Beach!!!

Cape Villaret

Well, I am back from the Rowley Shoals and True North.

Yesterday ended up being a pretty action packed day. We started off at 0400 waking up and going to the light aircraft terminal where we had hired the local jump ship thanks to my old Sky Diving buddy Ralf and we set off at first light to get some images south of Broome. Well worth the effort and some images to come as time permits.

Then for lunch we decided to drive down to the newly re opened Eco Beach Resort and set off for what ended up being quite an adventure!

On the way there we passed some firemen trying to tame a small road side fire and did not think much of it. But after we had had lunch and had a few swims at the resort, we thought we might go back to Broome for the sunset….but no…the little road side fire had escalated to a fully blown bush fire and the road back home was shut!

Calls to the police kept saying another hour…another hour etc. Fortunately Carl, who owns the Eco Beach Resort fixed us up with a couple of rooms and we stayed in the luxury of the resort for the night and then set off back to Broome this morning.

Like always I like to make the most of any situation and this was no different. I went for a walk along the beach to the West of Eco beach the above picture is what I found. You can see the fire off in the distance towards Broome.

Eco beach is a fabulous concept and a multi award winning resort with rooms ranging from tents to up market villas. All utilising solar power and various other eco friendly scenarios.

You can view Eco Beach at

~ by True North Mark on October 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “A little Adventure at Eco Beach!!!”

  1. I agree the Kimberley is always on fire. You can’t get a clear blue sky up there over winter. Does anyone know why they have to burn everything? Is it for safety or to help the ecology. I think there would be a lot of wildlife in the area that don’t think too much of it!

    • I reckon it is to do with a Government department having access to a budget for burning off that they don’t want to lose!!

      Dave reckons that the fires help the areas flourish by way of making some plants seed after the fire etc, but why not let nature take its own course on this front?

      Everywhere you look when you fly around the Kimberley there is always a fire and 99 percent of them have been purposely lit…crazy stuff!!

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