Last post from the Rowleys!!

Bedwell Blues

40m at Clerk Reef

Well…after 4 perfect days at the Rowleys we are on our way home.

Talk to you all soon!

I should get some images around Broome over the next 2 days so later in the week I will post a few of those.



~ by True North Mark on October 11, 2009.

16 Responses to “Last post from the Rowleys!!”

  1. Awesome dusk light in the first one and funny aquarium look to the last one 🙂

  2. If God had meant us to be under water, we would have gills and weird, yet oddly cool, webbed fingers (an added bonus would be no need for baseball gloves…).

    Do you have any more shots of the lady freediving in the bikini…it would be great to see how you handled the white balance on her skin tones (you buying that??)…

  3. I like the clam shot. A foot stuck in it would have given it some scale and depth (as well as some drama)

    See you soon

    • Thanks Markus!

      Not sure if I agree with the foot idea!

      Back in Broome now and off on an early morning sortie with Con and a jump plane to do some Broome shots…stay tuned!



  4. is the first photo stitched mark(?) it’s perfectly beautiful
    p.s the second photo looks fun!

  5. very cool stuff mark…. i really want a underwater case for my camera!!!

    • Hi Clint,

      The whole underwater gig is as exciting as it is frustrating!

      I am for sure not on top of that side of things yet!



  6. the top one is so clean, you have been getting very good clarity in these pics mate. I would like to the white balance correction for skin tones on bikini babes too. more please!

  7. Rivals Ningaloo and the GBR doesn’t it!
    Great shots!

  8. G’day Mark,

    updated Rowley Shoals 2010 Calendar available for view and purchase here:



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