Day 2 at the Rowleys

Bedwell Coral

Bedwell Sands

BJ Pilons

Coral Gardens

White Tip

Thanks for the comments everyone on yesterdays posts. Here is a few more to wet your appetatite!!

We had a cracker sunset here tonight and I think I have some worthy specimens in the lappy ready to work up.

We saw a few sharks today and here is a shot of one of them in this post.

The Jetty shot is of a great reflection coming off a rig tender just beofre we departd for the Rowleys


~ by True North Mark on October 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Day 2 at the Rowleys”

  1. Lovely Mark, it really does look like a magic paradise. Don’t think I have seen a shot with clearer water than these, incredible!

  2. Pretty barren above the water out there by the look of it , no palm trees and hula girls on the islands.

    No doubt under the water is a different story.

  3. Best diving on the Planet I reckon guys!

    Visability was in excess of 40m today ad we saw heaps of cool stuff!

  4. Palm trees and Hula girls under the water Merv, u gotta stop picking those mushrooms on those wildflower trips mate!!! lol Don’t worry mate, i know you are sane, although i did question it when you said you were going on a trip with Mark!! haha.
    Mark, stop rubbing it in, u know we all want to be there. I love the red vessel reflection, a hint of red always bring out a lot more in many photos, and this one reflects thru the water so looks sweet.
    Okay, must let you get back to work !!!!?

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