Bedwell Sunset

Bedwell Sunset

This is one of a few crackers I caught at Bedwell Island cocktails at Sunset. Absolutely Stunning!


~ by True North Mark on October 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bedwell Sunset”

  1. What a beautiful scene Mark and great serene capture !!! I might warm the white balance some, looks a bit greenish to me.

  2. It looks like the weather is a little better there than it is here in Perth.
    I’m waiting for the under water shots.
    Say hi to Lee

    • Hi Mark

      Good to see you on the blog Mark!

      Having a little trouble with the underwater camera. Will see what I can come up with. The video stuff is working OK so that shoould come together down the track a bit.

      Will say hi to Lee for you.



  3. nice scene mate, I would have walked forward a little more and got rid of those rocks but I know you like this sort of detail in your pics. I think a little more light in the sand would be good as well as a little warmer tone. cheers

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