First Day at the Rowleys

Bedwell Island

Tropic Bird

Well a cracker start to the Rowley Shoals with perfect weather, 2 scuba dives and 1 great drift snorkel session.

The top image is of Bedwell Island where we are moored up for the night.

The bottom image is of a Orange Tail Tropic bird which I am told only breed here.

I have not worked any underwater shots as yet but will try to get onto them soon.


~ by True North Mark on October 8, 2009.

13 Responses to “First Day at the Rowleys”

  1. Im sold, I always was !
    Great motion image of the orange tail.

    • A few more up today that should ‘seal the deal’!!

      You can book by calling Brooke on 08 9192 1829!



  2. Mark,
    Great shots as usual mate…… Its only 5 weeks to go mate until PNG……. I dont think I have ever been as excited about something in my whole life….
    Keep the pictures coming mate

    • A few more up mate…its busy out here! 3 dives a day then sunset on Bedwell Island…now off to bar snacks and dinner!

  3. bastard!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images with us all Mark! Since joining the community of bloggers you have contributed a hell of a lot.

    Thanks again.


  5. Nice Orange Tail shot Mark.

  6. clouds rolling in down here mate, might even rain. Seeing these pics of amazing wildlife and pristine reef systems don’t make me feel better at all. Stop it, I can’t take it anymore. On a brighter note I got the new Epson today, sweeeeet! have fun buddy

    • Thanks CF!

      I am sure the clouds will pass soon….got some crackers today I think. Good to hear the Epsom has arrived.

      Cheers Mate!

  7. Beautiful! I love shots of turquoise waters with little or no land in the pic. Yep the pristine outer islands and atolls in the Kimberley are indeed the only breeding grounds for birds. Let’s hope it stays that way! Is the birdlife as prolific as the Barrier Reef?

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