New Norcia Church

New Norcia Church

This was taken near where Christian got his ‘throne shot’!

Certainly a pretty little town with a lot of history and some very interesting buildings.


~ by True North Mark on October 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “New Norcia Church”

  1. Very interesting buildings indeed. Very gothic!

  2. I’ve been there numourous times and it’s all there but I’ve never found the right thing to shoot, nothing ever comes out right for me at New Norcia, except maybe a beer at the pub.

  3. ah the old Black and white layer blended to multiply, would like to see it even darker with some directional lighting!

  4. Sky’s can only be so dark until it’s night, maybe! Good composition Mark and I’m loving the sky with the bright brickwork. Every-time i’ve been there it’s been hot and cloudless. nice to see an image that coveys the mood of the location. maybe Merv’s right and it all may come good with a beer or six! Awesome interpretation of this subject.

    Cheers, hic!

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