My interpretation of ‘Wildflowers’!!!

Wubin Rocks WF

Whilst away with Christian, Dave and Greg I was constantly contemplating what sort of shot would appeal to me for the theme ‘Wild Flowers’ that had become the subject of the latest friendly comp with Merv.

Would it be a narrow focus with a macro shot, or broad focus showing overall colour from a field of Wildflowers. After scanning through all of the 8 gig of shots taken last week, one image jumped out at me that I feel typifies both Wild Flowers and Australia very well.

The shot shows the harshness of the Australian landscape whilst at the same time showing off the beauty as well. All of the trees had been burned in a recent fire which is a fact of life in the bush in Australia. After the recent rains the regrowth was quite prolific and in no time the burned landscape has been transformed to a beautiful yellow and orange carpet of wildflowers.

The shot also has a great deal of depth created by the fortuitous positioning of the trees and the gravel road leading off into the distance. The long shadows also add a nice dimension.

In summary to me this shot definitely shows what Australian Wild Flowers are all about.

The idea of this mini comp is for you to place your vote either here or on Merv’s blog after viewing both of the entries based on the theme ‘Wild Flowers’.

You can see Merv’s blog and entry at:

~ by True North Mark on October 4, 2009.

31 Responses to “My interpretation of ‘Wildflowers’!!!”

  1. Well that was good fun Mark now let’s just sit back and watch,

    Good luck Mark.

  2. Its a great season for wildflowers here in the Grampians.
    I had a great day out yesterday checking all varieties out.

  3. […] Click here to see Marks shot. […]

  4. I think your comments are spot on mark, the widflowers just seem to breath new life back into the landscape. thats what keeps me going back to see them every year I think. Nice image by the way.

    • Thanks Peter,

      So are you able to pick between the 2?



      • Sorry I think Merv might have pipped you at post on this one, I like them both but I think I’m a close up man and if the subject is wildflowers then it’s got to be a wildflower as the main subject even though Merv’s are not technically brilliant, But don’t tell him that will you. haha.

      • OK thanks Peter….I think!!! 🙂

  5. First of all , once again good fun Mark.
    I must be honest and say it’s different to what i thought you would post. i expected a pano of some kind full of bright flowers. I would like to see this one shot a bit lower maybe but the light may have been an issue with that.

    But who am I to tell you how to shoot ,you are posting some pretty handy images from that last little sojourn to Paynes Find, you don’t need advice.

    Hope to catch up with you soon and we will share the ” Prize “.

    Cheers Mate.

    • We really did not see a ‘pano of wildflowers’ Merv, but as I said this image sort of grabbed me.

  6. I am a sucker for wide angle landscape images ( no shit neal ) I like this one a lot. I think the wildflowers are somewhat lost in the stark trees and a lower vantage point made of help them lead you into those trees, not sure I was not there. After checking Mervmans image its a hard choice as he posted 3, so what where the rules? Merv takes my vote by a sliver with the first image of his 3.

    Now if I can comment further I’d say if Merv had not clipped a couple of his images and Mark had gone for a lower angle it would be a coin toss for me …

    All cool photos and done in the spirit of branching testing ones interpretation of the west australian wildflowers … Well done to both …

  7. Amazingly good is that fellow!!

    Thanks for the tip. It is always good to get inspiration before a dive.

    I only have a G10 on the boat, but one day will get a 5D in a housing so that I can at least have half a chance!



  8. Well I couldn’t decided last night and I reckon it’s still too hard to pick. And it’s not just that I don’t want to pick a winner. Merv’s shot shows the great diversity of WA’s flora which is found nowhere else in the world. Mark’s pick on the other hand shows both the fragility and resilience of the Aussie bush. One minute it’s devastated – the next it’s blooming. Some wildflowers even need fire to germinate.
    Sorry fellas but I’m calling a draw. You’re both champs and indeed winners!

    • Very diplomatic Dave!

      I have already conceded on this one and you are my first vote even if it was a draw…so a big cuddle for that one mate!!

      It was a bit of fun and quite exciting seeing the dialogue last night.



  9. i reckon mark gets it, cause if i said merv should win mark would stop commenting on my blog and id lose half my audience!

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