When size does matter!!!

Dave and his 600

This is Dave Bettini with his kick butt 600mm Canon lense….a serious bit of kit and the man knows how to use it!


~ by True North Mark on October 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “When size does matter!!!”

  1. Geez a bit hardcore,
    Was the boot full of an array of lenses?

    • Yes Thomas there was a few dollars worth if kit in the back of the Tojo for sure!



  2. you know what they say about guys with big lenses??? I only need a small one!!!
    I think we just about had every Canon lens worth having on that trip!

  3. And your small one did a much better job on the cockatoos!

  4. Lens envy 😉

  5. Big ones ,small ones, fat ones, tilted ones , short ones , long ones, says it all really.

  6. Nice rig dave. Just another piece of kit to carry in the field. Would love to give that lens a crack at doing a panoramic stitch.

  7. Hey Markie
    Seeing Dave operate that little baby and get those beautiful robin pics has really inspired me to take some decent bird shots – but with something a bit more manageable like your rig. Now I just need to get to the right position, pronto, like you do …

  8. Nice lens ,
    would love to have a lens like that in my bag if I had a full time bag caddy to carry all my gear . Bags heavy enough as it is

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