A Snapshot in Time!!!

Snap Shot

On the way up to Paynes Find we found these great ruins from a bygone era still in very good condition.

Christian Fletcher is the person in the picture and I think that the image is suggesting contemplation in time and what was it like back when these ruins were somebody’s home???

I took 4 images here and focused on the four different fields of focus and blended them with a program called Helicon Focus. Very cool program and I will certainly be experimenting with it some more.

This image has ended up being in focus from the first window frame all the way to the blades of grass through the last window!!


~ by True North Mark on October 3, 2009.

23 Responses to “A Snapshot in Time!!!”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Don’t quote me on this but I believe CS4 can now do what Helicon Focus can do.


  2. Still on CS3 Mark so can’t help out there. I’ve posted two of my up north images on my blog if you’d like to look when you’re free.

  3. Mark, this is such a great composition and thought process. Im sure CF will buy this one off you mate!
    Im looking forward to the great wildflower comp with the Merv man. Check out my new macro wildflowers from the great southern when you have a moment.

  4. Yep Really nice Mark. You have inspired me to give Helicon Focus a go!

  5. Really nice Mark. Great detail and composition.

  6. Very cool idea Mark … A very cool Led Zeppelin record was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this capture “Led Zeppelin IV”

    I have heard of this program before but not really read too much about it …

    So you take say 5 images all at different f stops to capture near focus through to distant focus objects and dump them into the program and it picks all the focus points out to create 1 in focus image, would that be correct?

  7. Neal,

    That is correct but I’m sure CS4 has the ability to do it as well.


  8. looks great Mark, I think I will be shooting with Helicon in mind now, Jamie I think Les said Helico was the best. In fact if I tell you what he really thinks of Photoshop you wouldn’t buy it. Your right Neal it is so Led Zeppelin IV isn’t it.

  9. nice mate really nice ive heard of that programme and it is very cool cs4 has something similar but not as accurate as helion

  10. How great would it be to get your hands on that big wooden frame in the rock and putting a photo in it. πŸ™‚ Would have to be a bloody big photo.

    I think Nic Rains did a article on the Helicon program in one of the Better Photography magazines. Not sure what edition but the results were very interesting. Might have to have a dig around and have a read.

  11. For those interested in the software here is the link http://d-studio.com.ua/products/helicon_focus/

    For both MAC and PC

  12. Great shot, Markie! Really captures reflective contemplation.
    And yes, what a great album to have evoked memories of. It goes to show how you can create something quite special and original that coincidentally has many similarities with a really famous piece (aka cover of Led Zeppelin IV). Yet I know that wasn’t in your mind (or Christian’s) at the time – you just made the most of what was there.
    I can see now why George Harrison protested so vehemently that “My Sweet Lord” was not influenced by The Chiffons “He’s So Fine”!
    cheers mate

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