Sand Lines at Long Reach

Sand Lines at LR

The water in all of the bays at Rottnest this weekend were unbelievably clear. Couple that to super low tides and vola…some cool pics!!!

~ by True North Mark on September 28, 2009.

12 Responses to “Sand Lines at Long Reach”

  1. Stop teasing, that looks so inviting.

  2. Almost as good as the Monte Bellos. 😉

  3. Nice shot Mark, Rotto is certainly a beautiful place. Shame it gets so crowded at times though!


  4. Very inviting! Almost hard to believe how nice the weather was a couple of days ago compared to today.

  5. Nice clean image Mark, will have to venture over to Rotto again sometime soon.

  6. Love the lines in the sand in the foreground, a great Dombrovkis touch, I like this one very much
    I’ve lived in Perth for 30 years and have not yet got to Rotto, maybe next winter, when there’s a storm.

  7. How you going with the wildflowers Mark , anything interesting yet?

    Sunday night is the night, 8pm simulpost , what do you reckon?

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