Early Hunter

Early Hunter

This is probably the best light we had during the trip. The Hunter River never fails to offer something special from my experience. There are always some amazing clouds and the surroundings in the Hunter River are simply outstanding.

I will see what i can find for Stakky with regards some more aerial shots!


~ by True North Mark on September 25, 2009.

14 Responses to “Early Hunter”

  1. Very nice light indeed. That whole Hunter River area looks amazing. I would clone out the rocks in the bottom left.

    Who’s the 3 Blokes in a Tinny ? 😀

    • They are the ones who were too scared of the early morning crocks to get out of the tinney Bo!



  2. Nice Sky! soft light too, Id clone those rocks out too heh.

  3. Magic shot Mark. Awesome sky. Love the towering cliffs and reflections. Tinny adds a nice human touch. Really nicely one.

    • Thanks Dave,

      I am working on one now that is even better, but having some issues with the Gamut as it was just as the sun hit the cliffs and man it is easy to get out of Gamut with the light up there!

      Anyway, I will keep plugging away coz it will be worth it in the end.

      Won’t be able to post till sometime next week now…off to Rotto for the weekend and then all sorts of stuff on next week!

      Have a good one Dave!



  4. Great shot Mark. I like the rocks!!!! lol. I was just in Fitzgeralds Photo lab and saw an image of Christians that looked like the same place. An eleven stitch job blown up to about five metres long by one metre high. Amazing. Great light, keep posting awesome and inspiring.
    oh, and went to Rotto by jetski the other day for a surf, boy did my quads and glutes feel it after that. Great surf bout 2-3 metres.

  5. Great picture Mark. Is it a stitch, if so how many? Thanks.

    • Yes Graham,

      8 shot stitch!

      As Craig said Christian did an 11 shot stitch from a similar position.

      It was about 20 minutes before sunrise.



  6. Very col shot Mark … Like the human element that gives in scale … nice stuff …

  7. very cool shot mark love the sky you werent wrong about the good light wish we had some of that down here mate good to see some more pics on ya blogg mate


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