The great Boab Challenge with Merv French!!!

Lynne River St3_2

Now here’s a bit of fun!!! Merv French believes that he has an image with more Blackboys in it than I have Boab’s in this image. The trick will be with mine is to try and see them all at this scale as it is a 1 gig file at full size! I was not going to post it as I am not happy with the sky so don’t crucify me on that front.

Let me know who you reckon has the most trees in their image as there could be beer or a meal involved here I think!!!

Have a look at Merv’s site at

~ by True North Mark on September 21, 2009.

45 Responses to “The great Boab Challenge with Merv French!!!”

  1. I can’t even see a bloody Boab 🙂

    • How many pixels should it be mate to get the same size as yours coz trust me they are there!



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  3. Ah they are there. Not quite as many as there are blackboys.

    I lost count of the blackboys at 1273 but I think i may have counted one twice … 🙂

    Mate that’s a fine shot and there would have been some great perspectives around there with the hills and water reflections.

    Where is that ?

    • Counted one twice eh he he!!

      It is the Lynne River up near Wyndham Merv. A beautiful place that Christian and I both agree would be worthy of a revisit at the right time and ‘with some time’ to explore. It was simply Boab city as you can see…now that I have the right size image up there.

      I am having some issues with Dcam 3 the colour space I am using with the blues and need to get to the bottom of that. So back to the drawing board with that image and will restitch and redo, coz I think it is worthy!

      I concede to a worthy winner mate!

  4. Ah all in the name of fun……good stuff mate.

    It bought out a couple of good images if nothing else.

    Certainly worth a revisit around there all right.

    A question for you , how do i get those little smiley face thingo’s.

  5. Where did that come from, i just did the old bracket coma thing.

    • You get them by putting colon followed by a bracket with the curve bend to the right. It is like a sideways smile and obviously the wordpress software is written to recognize that and make a smiley face our of it.



  6. Roger that,

    Mine was bending to the left… 🙂

  7. Waiting for that.

    C YA.

  8. thats a sweet shot and there are a heap of boab trees i think youll have it in the bag mate hahaha

    phil b

  9. bugger oh well there is always next time

  10. Amazing amount of Boabs but still – think Merv is the clear winner here!

    • Yes I have already conceded Bo!

      The best part is that it got him out to take probably the best shot I have seen from him for a while!



  11. Sweet stitch Mark, very inviting location.
    I’d easily be able to take a shot with 4 times as many grass trees here in the Grampians with one frame.
    They’d be hard to count, plus I couldn’t be bothered going outside because its cold and wet.

    Good luck with the challenge.

    • Mate, Merve won hands down with a stitch that had over a thousand BB in there!

      All good fun but and Merv”s photo was a cracker!



  12. Ah but everyone has failed to acknowledge that you can go fishing with your 60 so boabs! Did you get any bonus points for that?

  13. didnt know there were so many boabs up there, love boabs they look real ancient.

    • Yes William,

      The entire river was lined with them. I am seriously wanting to go back there one day to spend some time in the right light and some awesome cloud etc.

      The Boabs are in my opinion the coolest trees on the planet…I never tire of them!



  14. Yea same here Mark. Every Boab is different so how can you tire of them! Some of them are huuuuuuuge!

  15. Really nice shot mark, a shit load of Boabs but damn I count not even count Merv’s … see lot of potential as you have said to explore and shot in either early light or last light …

    • Yes Neal…a heap of potential in this place…you could spend a few days I reckon!

      See you tomorrow night mate…I look fwd to meeting you.

      By the way, I have not finished working that image up yet as I had to rush it to get it out for the comp. I think the final version will look pretty good!



  16. Maybe the next French v Stothard stand off should be comparing apples with apples to make it a bit more sporting!

    Brace yourselves fellas I reckon your feud could become legendary!

    • No feud here Dave…just good clean fun…but I am up for a new challenge of nominating a subject and having a crack…double or nothing!!

      • We’ll come up with something one day, as long as it’s not ” my boats bigger than your boat ”

        And I’m not jumping out of planes either. 🙂

      • As I said on your blog Merv, wildflowers is the theme and you have till Sunday week to post!

        Up for it mate?



  17. Wow that was quick.

    Yep ok ( gulp ) loser’s choice 🙂

    What’s the criteria ?

    • Simple….wildflowers and what ever that means to you.

      That can either be a macro all the way to a pano.

      The photog blog goers to vote and decide!!

      Up for it?



      • Sunday week we’ll post.

        Let the games begin !!!!

      • Sweet!

        After this I think we should start a mini comp with all the photogs with a common theme as a bit of fun!

        But for now it is focus, focus, focus!

        As he breaks out his trusty weoponry and polishes his steed!!



  18. Yeah good idea about a blog comp , you can run it. 🙂

    Out with camera and onward he says.

    As he thinks, shit what have I started. !!!!

    • No probs…I will wait till I get back from the Rowley’s though I think as I have a bit on between now and then.

      At the Rowley’s from the 7th till the 14th of Oct.

      I have also been thinking of a pizza night here for all the keen photogs in Perth, which I might combine with the mini comp idea. I would like to meet and put a face to all the dudes out there in blog land that I have come to know over the last couple of months.

      It is a good community.

      I have a kick butt wood fired pizza oven here that can spit out about 45 pizzas in an hour!



  19. pizzzza mmmm yummy, I’ll be there Markie!

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