Rugged Raft Point Pano

Rugged Raft Point

Well here it is! This took a bit or working up do to some stitching complexity, but we got there in the end. What this shot shows I think is just how rugged the Kimberley can be whilst at the same time being so colourful and overwhelming.

I never tire of the variety of orange, reds and green up there and with the sunset glow, it all just seems to work in together.

This was a 9 shot stitch done with a Canon L series 50mm lense. As mentioned before the climb up to the top certainly had its challenges. It involved crawling through a cave and then scaling up a small pipe at the end of it.

~ by True North Mark on September 17, 2009.

16 Responses to “Rugged Raft Point Pano”

  1. It is a lovely scene, great colours and mood. Like you I love the orange, red and blues up there!

    I have to admit though I am not sold on the composition. Doesn’t really work all that well for me, a bit too disjointed, my eyes dart all over the place (perhaps because it’s early morning and I need my coffee)

    • Yes I am with you on that one Bo!

      The only reason I posted it was to show the ruggedness.

      Certainly not a fav!!



  2. Nice one Mark, I like the composition in this! shows the height and space really well imo.

    • Thanks William,

      That’s one for and one against!

      My call is that it certainly looks better larger!!



  3. I like this one a lot more Mark, the previous one I thought still needed a little work on the banding. I also like this one because of the added dimension of depth of foreground interest ..

    If I may offer a suggestion it would be to darken the right side of the center rock to draw ones eye through the scene ….

    Just my 2.5 cents (inflation)

  4. I like it, probably because I know how hard it was to get that view point. What you don’t see is me woosing out at the bottom, too chicken to climb up there. I actually felt pretty uneasy about this shoot as it was a seriously dangerous spot. Just getting on to this island was hard with slippery oyster covered rocks and a choppy sea. I was pretty happy to be back on the tender and heading home. We ended up having to wait for the True North as it steamed to us. It was pretty cool actually as there was Mark , my bro, a great guy Roy and Mikey the deckhand, who is also a great guy sitting in the dark in the boat talking and then the International Space station flew over. Wow, it was bright and capped off a memorable day. Getting back to TN was like coming home to a little piece of heaven.

  5. Mark,

    Thanks for sharing this shot. Its got a great peaceful atmosphere to it.


  6. Wicked. So you are joining us for dinner? πŸ™‚ I have someone coming along that is dying to ask tons of questions about True North.

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