Rock Fingers

Rock Fingers

This ones for Adrian, who said that he is interested in rock formations…how cool are these rock fingers getting punched out of the ground! Some forces at work there for sure!


~ by True North Mark on September 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “Rock Fingers”

  1. wow that is really unusuall very cool where bouts was this, was it a single shot or a stich

    loving the pics so far mate your making all of us so jealous
    cant wait to see more


  2. awesome ive heard good things about the archipeligo


  3. Mark,
    A few things……
    1: Nice shot, would love to get back up that way sometime soon
    2: I think I was your 10,000th HIT on the blog, YAY
    3:53 days / 1272 hours to go

  4. Very cool Mark … Yeah I like hearing what actually happened millions of years ago with the plates and what continues to happen every moment. Just happens so slow we only see history in its dramatic forms …

    There is a really good example of this at Canal Rocks, where 2 opposite forces worked against each other leaving us with so many photographic opportunities in that area.

  5. Yeah that shit blows my mind, thinking I am just seeing a nano second of a nano second of the larger picture. Really humbling when you get your mind round it. I guess that is what fascinates me about it …

    • Have you seen those pics showing Earth as a dot on the page compared to some of the other planets out there?

      That is also very humbling!!!



  6. Yeah I have Mark … I also have a large fold out map from a national geo subscription that shows the milky way in relation to the known universe …. you’d need a microscope to see the dot the milk way is … quite intense almost makes you mind explode … Love watching those kind of shows on earths history etc …. The just had a cool mini series on how the earth was made … very cool stuff …

    • I am with you on this topic for sure mate!

      Makes you feel a bit like an ant in a giants world sometimes eh!



  7. its crazy in this pic you have, that there is more than 1 direction of rock movement. 1 vertical at 45 degrees and another vertical at a few degrees in the opposite direction …

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