Christian and his 17mm Canon Tilt Shift

CF and his 17mm TS

Here is a shot of Christian and his new Canon 17mm Tilt Shift lense. Very impressive bit of kit for sure and extremely sharp. The background is True North up close and personal at King George Falls.

~ by True North Mark on September 17, 2009.

13 Responses to “Christian and his 17mm Canon Tilt Shift”

  1. Hey Mark is this the promo poster for your new feature film….”The adventures of CF in the Kimberley”?

  2. Rain the 17mm tse worst enemy lol awesome lens though!

  3. love the subject matter, and the boat is good too!!

  4. yep, get my noggin in the shot and it’s a straight up winner!!!

  5. jeez how big do my guns look, got to love a wide angle lens!!

  6. nice shot pitty cf isnt actually looking at the camera hehehe


  7. look at that turkey and his cheesy grin

    • Yes he fluffs up when there is a camera around…just like a turkey eh!!

      Good to see you at the blog Stakky!



  8. yeah i should be checking it a lot more, getting better and better! im a slacker when it comes to commenting though

  9. Well good to see a comment from you then Mr. Stakk!!!!

  10. […] Christian and his 17mm Canon Tilt Shift September 200912 comments […]

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