Raft Point Sunset

Raft Point SS

Christian, Mike and Roy (one of our passengers) had a great evening adventure taking this shot of Raft point at sunset. There is a small island offshore that we saw as we cruised past so we thought…’why not come back at sunset for some cool shots of Raft Point. What we didn’t bargain for was the 12 out of 10 climb to the top!!

Anyway we got there in the end and it was very much worth it. We were spoiled after that waiting for True North to catch up we saw the space station going past overhead…very cool!


~ by True North Mark on September 16, 2009.

12 Responses to “Raft Point Sunset”

  1. Wicked shot mark, hope we get some shot like this, if not better in PNG… have I mentioned its not that far away mate ?

  2. Your Raft point shots are awesome Mark, especially the pano from the top of the cliff that you posted previously when you were on the boat.

    • Thanks Dave

      I have another one half finished that I will post tomorrow.

      Just at the Chris Issac concert just now!



  3. That was some serious shit we did that night. Oh well all it cost was a pair of your favorite thongs and a gash on Roy’s arm as he was thrown onto the deck of true North by it’s Bow wave. Poor old bugger. My vid didn’t turn out as well as your stills either. Bummer.

    • Now that’s a first mate!

      I must be improving!

      Yep that was one serious kick butt, go for broke photo shoot eh!



  4. Mark, I love the detail in the shadow area here, have you done much ‘pushing’ there? Very nice.

    • Not really Simon,

      The light was pretty good that evening.

      We found that pretty much any real sunlight was way harsh at that time of year and that all the best shots were taken at twilight.

      Check in tomorrow for the next stitch.. It is coming along ver nicely.



  5. Screw the photos, Id be reaching for a fishing rod!!

  6. We did that as well mate!

    Ambidextrous we are…able to multi task we can!!

    No, the fishing was done in the next couple of days when we nailed 3 Barra each in one session with a bunch of others hooked and got off.



  7. pays to go from the oldest post to the newest, I told the story about the space station then realised you have already mentioned it doh!!!
    Geez just as well we both had the same story!!

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