300mm Stitch from the Island Off Raft Point

Raft Point SSS

This is another image shot by stitching with the L series 28-300 zoom. CF I have found a flaw in this beaut lense!! It vinettes quite badly when zoomed in and as such puts some pretty harsh banding in the sky and water. After a fair bit of mucking around I have got it back to an acceptable level, but i think in this instance your 400 would have been the goods!

As it is quite long and skinny the 900 pixel version looks a bit tame, but the large version is pretty sharp.


~ by True North Mark on September 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “300mm Stitch from the Island Off Raft Point”

  1. it’s an impressive photo mark, how many individual photos were there(?) i’ll have to get out & start pano stitching again

    • 10 photos Chloe!

      I have one done with the 50mm in portrait mode but my first attempt had the horizon a bit wonky due to some stitching errors.

      I will try to rework and will post if I can salvage it.

      How’s things on your front Chloe?



  2. All the reviews point out that problem of the vignette, but I’m sure it would still be a pretty handy lens to have in the bag at times.

  3. Nice mega-stitch Mark.
    I have found a slight vignette on my 24-105mm.
    One thing I have found with the Full frame on the 5D mkII is a distortion with my 50mm 1.4. When I was away on holidays I was tilting the camera up 5-10 degrees and taking stitches, but I found a slight bow in the ocean, its like I need a 60mm or 70mm. This is the information I found on dpreview:
    Distortion on full frame is about 1.3% barrel; this is towards the high end for a 50mm standard prime, and has the potential to be visible in real-world shots.


    • Thanks Thomas,

      I only have this problem on my 28-300L series. The 50mm Prime L 1.2 is fine in fact I would rate it as a cracker lense!!

      Thanks for checking in!



  4. I new that lens had a flaw somewhere!!! thank god!!!

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