Curlews in Flight Sequence

Curlews Seq2

I was pretty chuffed at the single Curlews image I got on that beautiful calm day at Eagle Creek, so I thought I should follow through with a sequence post.

Hope you like them!!

~ by True North Mark on September 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “Curlews in Flight Sequence”

  1. I like the near seamless horizon.
    What species of curlew are they up there Mark?


  2. nice mate, if only i had the 28 to 300 hey!!!

  3. The Kimberley coast has all 4 species of Australia’s curlews. The Eastern, Eurasian and Little curlews as well as the Whimbrel. Three of them look almost identical so might need a close up to know for sure.

    Incidentally many or the Kimberley’s shore birds appear to look identical despite the large number of different species there.

    • It would appear that youaredaman on the bird subject Dave!

      Thanks for the input!

      I have some larger close ups that I will try to post tonight if I get through some other stuff I am working on.



  4. Now Dave what is the laden velocity of a Curlew? African or Eurasian aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

    Sorry for attempted humor there.

    Noice shots Mark although I have a sense I have seen them before? Straight 400mm just wouldn’t cut the mustard on that shot. All I got was the back of someone’s head. Any clues who the culprit may of been?

    • Couldn’t think for a second who that culprit would be Mike!!! :} Good lookin head eh..especially thru the 400!!

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