Cape Domett and opinions please???

Cape Domett C

Cape Domett B&W

I could not decide which of these worked the best as either colour or B&W, so I thought I would do them both up and see what the consensus was.

The sand stone formations on this cape are just amazing and Christian and I could have spent a lot longer there…but the tides were calling and we had to get what we could within the time available…before the tide stranded us properly!!

~ by True North Mark on September 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Cape Domett and opinions please???”

  1. Colour.

  2. Thanks Merv!

    How are you doin’ on this dark and grim Saturday!!

  3. Not bad, just washing the ute and other things , pretty mundane really.

  4. Mark, the colour version works best for me…

  5. Hi Mark, I prefer the colour, but your b&w conversion looks great as well.

  6. Hi Mark, colour for me to on this occasion. I think that if there was a moody sky involved I’d run with B&W though.

  7. I like the B&W and I recon a serious vignette leading the eye to the rock formation could look cool. But what do I know I’m just a Video Guy. What would Christian do. Go sick in photoshop I would presume.

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