We are now back off True North…some more images follow!!

The Man

Lynne River Ranges

Sandstone Structures

We are now off the True North and spent the whole day travelling back home.

I worked these images up on the plane back to Perth and we were greeted with 14 degrees ad pouring rain!!

The top image is of Christian in his element at King George river. Some of the patterns and colours in this river near where the falls hit are just amazing…watch this space for the worked up versions!!

What a shock to the system! This morning we bumped into Tristan (one of our ex True North chefs) at the Bookshop Cafe in Kununurra and he spoilt us rotten with a great spread of fruit and quiche, spinach muffins and bacon and egg muffins….thanks Tristan the food was awesome and it was great to catch up.

The Lynne River is a beautiful river system that is lined with Boabs all the way down. We had pastries and billy tea down at the george some way up the river.

Cape Domett is near the entrance of Wyndham and features some simply amazing sandstone structures..hope you like them!

Well this True North adventure is over for now, but I still have many more images I will post as I get time. We had 10 couples rebook on board and many were for the Christian PNG adventure on our cruise 1 next year.

Cabins are getting snapped up quick so if anyone is interested in joining us for the Christian Fletcher PNG adventure, then you had best get in quick.

On the 7th of October we join True North again for a Rowley Shoals adventure. I will post daily as I have done the past 2 weeks on that adventure as well so that you can see a totally different aspect of our North West.

Remember more Kimberley images to come as I have a number of raw images to work up yet!!


~ by True North Mark on September 11, 2009.

14 Responses to “We are now back off True North…some more images follow!!”

  1. Great pics Mark. Keep them coming.

  2. third ones a cracker! so Christian doesnt even need Live view anymore? lol

  3. I must say that top pic is a stunner Mark!!
    Bloody tides hey, would love to have been able to get to that place on sunset, and as for the Lynne River, that place was one of the standouts of the trip.

  4. What an amazing adventure. I have enjoyed every post Mark. You sure have a swag full of new promo images for next year. Not that people need much convincing that this is a trip worth every cent.

  5. Welcome back Mark. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jamie!

      It was busy up there I can tell you!

      We were up at 0430 every day and up till all hours in the evening.

      Had a couple of chill days just now which has been great!



  6. What is the next big adventure? Mmmm hope CF won’t be waking me up at 0430 in two weeks time!

    • I have a few ahead of me Jamie, Rowley Shoals on the 7th of October and then in November PNG with Rod Thomas and maybe Flemming Bo Jensen and somewhere in beteen all that I am off to Swtzerland to photograph a VIP 757 jet!!!

      I am still waiting on confirmation on the jet gig, but I think it is on, but the others are on for sure. It is also likely that I will drop into Saudi on the way to Switzerland to follow up on another project I am working on.

      Busy few months ahead of me eh!



  7. I’d rather be busy than idle. šŸ™‚ Hmmm do you need a PADI IDC Staff Instructor onboard True North? šŸ˜‰

    That 757 jig sounds awesome, I love planes so much.

  8. Its cool, I was only joking. I stopped teaching 2yrs ago and haven’t hit the water since.

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