King George River

Heli Action at KG

TN Heli at KG

The mighty King George river turned it on again as usual.

A very dramatic area and thanks to the True North Heli, very accessable for everyone.

I shoud have a stitch ready to post tomorrow.

~ by True North Mark on September 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “King George River”

  1. Awesome machinery shots Mark,
    Love the bottom one with the exhaust fume blur, I think photoshop may need to develop that filter.


  2. And you do this for a living … damn nice 🙂 keep’em coming, its pissing down windy and cold so I am living an early spring through your images cheers 😉

    • Hi Adrian,

      I am plesed that I can lighten your day up some….been a bit busy today, but will try to post something soon.



  3. sweet heli pics mark bloody awesome and love your panos of eagle falls mates cant wait fot the next episode hehehe


  4. Rainman is going to melt over that bottom shot mate, so sharp, very well done considering how fast he came past us. I got no where near that good a shot. Hmm the 28 to 300mm hey!!

  5. You have an amazing office to work from Mark. Waking up with the view of King Gorges River cliff faces and then later taking your chopper for a spin. Talk about Heaven on Earth.

    • Yes Matt, what we have on True North is indeed very special and the heli just makes it that much more memorable. We get to places that no one else can consider and the vessel, crew and destinations we go to top it all off.

      Thanks for visiting Matt!!



  6. Rainmans DaMannnnnnn!!!! Bell 407 HooooooRaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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