Eagle Falls and Jar Island

Eagle Falls

TNH at Eagle Falls


Kimberley- Colours

Yesterday was heli picnic day at Eagle Falls, a truly dramatic and beautiful place that only True North guests get to see as it is only accessable from the heli.

In the morning we went to see some more Bradshaw Art at Jar Island and as you can see by the pano it was very still and beautiful.

We are in the King George now so expect to see some King George action soon!

~ by True North Mark on September 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Eagle Falls and Jar Island”

  1. Love em Mark… would really like to go back up there in the wet season and see thsi place in all its glory ! ! !
    AM yet to get a price for that gig in Cairns, but Ill talk to you when you come back, have fun mate ! !

  2. Nice pictures Mark. I really like the Jar Island and Kimberly Colours.

  3. Hey !!!! Someone’s turned the tap off at Eagle Falls. Bastards. Wish I was there to sort it out. I’m sure I thanked you Mark for the opportunity before I left but I just want to thank you again for putting up with me. I had that mediation meeting with the neighbor yesterday. It went for 6 hours and cost me close to $ 2000 with no end solution in sight. And to think I could of been with you guys and even got a photo of me holding a Barra. Life can be very cruel sometimes. Good to see your still coming up with the “You Bastard” shots. It’s almost the end of the trip for you. Oh well all you have to look forward to now is the Rowley’s and PNG. Poor bastard.


    • Great to have you on board again Mike and I look fwd to version 2 of ‘Mike Fletcher in teh Kimberley on True North’!!!

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