Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls 1

Mitchell Falls 2

We flew up to the Mitchell Falls at 0900 this morning in the True North Heli. The harsh light has made getting the shots after sunrise a challenge for sure, but we have come up with a few techniques that seem to be working.

Even though the falls aren’t raging I think that these views show an interesting perspective of the great rock formations that would normally be hidden under tonnes of water just after the wet.


~ by True North Mark on September 7, 2009.

12 Responses to “Mitchell Falls”

  1. Very interesting, as I was there in mid May – there was A LOT more water in the falls back then of course. Just blogged about it, hope you don’t mind I drop a little link:
    I had very harsh light as well but fortunately also some gorgeous clouds (lucky in the dry!) Mine is shot at midday, roughly 1pm.

    I like your angle on the falls! I like the 2nd one the most, as it has a nice composition with an angle leading into the image and nice 3d effect. The first one is almost like two images.

  2. The first thing that came to me when I saw these images was the composition on the 2nd image. Good to see when I read Albert’s post above that I wasn’t the only one. I think you really nailed the composition in the 2nd image just a shame that it wasn’t captured with some nice golden light kissing the rocks and just in more subtle and balanced light in general. I’ve seen many images of Mitchell Falls and it’s finally good to see it captured from a different perspective that allows people who have never made that left turn at Gibb River to see the surrounding landscape and get a feel of the place. I’ll be going up there solo for four weeks in June next year and I’m looking to spend 2-3 nights here.

  3. Nice !

  4. Awesome shots mate… love em… I am with everyone else, second one is better……
    We actually go tin trouble for landing there, right on the rocks that have the interesting formations ( towards the middle of the sot in the second one just on this side of the pool ) but managed to get a few shots of the chopper there for sure befpre leaving…. and there was alot more water than that as well, and it was only 5 weeks ago.. amazing how it changes so much in such a short time huh….

    Keep the images coming mate, cant wait for PNG

    • Yeah mate…the images will still keep coming!

      We are off to Eagle Falls tomorrow…so stay tuned for some Eagle Falls action!!


    New Helicopter for True North.

    Sorry Mark to steal your thunder but I stumbled apon your new new top secret helicopter yesterday after a tip off and grabbed a couple of shots.

    This will surely top off what is already a truly remarkable vessel.

    Click the link to see the first shots of this remarkable new machine.

    Cheers Fellas.

  6. Had a very memorable shower at the base of the second falls a few years ago…a large water monitor decided to check me out at close range, had me dancing buck naked!!

  7. Nice work again Mark – They really show the grandness of the place well. I like the colour in the first one but the second one has a better composition imo.
    Both are very nice !

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