Bara Action!!!

Bara Action

Christian's Bara

Mark's Bara

TN Sunrise
We had some Bara action this morning!!

Christian and I both landed 3 each and our guide Jarrad landed a couple as well. Christian had a huge Bara just along side before it spat the lure. We estimate that Bara could have been over 900mm!!

The last pic is of the Sunrise at the Mighty Mitchell River.


~ by True North Mark on September 7, 2009.

14 Responses to “Bara Action!!!”

  1. Col Roberts would be impressed!

  2. Hardcore stuff, couldn’t see Lik doing that!
    Why would you go back to civilisation?

  3. We have Christian’s Barra and Mark’s Barra. What the F@#K happened to Mike’s Barra. Any clues Marky?

  4. Hi Mark

    Here’s the goss on Col Roberts…..

    He started his photo career about 12 yrs ago making Kimberley and NT books whilst living in Broome. His books were my original inspiration to make a Pilbara and Kimberley book. These days he is better known as a fishing identity who now makes fishing docos and produces a really cool fishing magazine.

    Kimberley looks brilliant!


  5. Looks big when you hold it out that far CF đŸ˜›

  6. Of course you each released the third Barra!!!!!

  7. mine looks a little bigger than yours Markie but hey were not competitive are we?? hehe.
    That was a fun morning fishing, probably the best I have had ever!

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