True North interiors







Here are some Interior shots for you Jamie and Merv!!

~ by True North Mark on September 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “True North interiors”

  1. Quite nice… just like home (:

    Who’s the girl giving the thumbs up in the first shot !!!

  2. hahahhaha on ya merv what funny stuff bout time for a hair cut mate


  3. Hey Christian – you’re looking more and more like Barry Gibb !!

  4. that’s one sweet ass boat!

  5. Hahaha. I was going to ask who the long haired hippy is but Merv your comment was just too funny!

    Thanks for putting those photos up Mark. The cabins look amazing.


  6. Very nice! My wife just had a look over my shoulder and said, “Keep dreaming…” 🙂

    • You have just got to keep working on her Graham!! Rod Thomas said that if he was to go on the PNG trip his wife and kids were going to leave him…he then went onto say that he was going to miss them very much!! 🙂

  7. Hey Mark, Nice shots of the vessel. Cant wait to get onboard. Looking to do the next fletcher trip if there is enough rooms left after this trip!
    Let me know if and when CF will be traveling to PNG so I can tee it up with work holidays etc I wont be on board for my honeymoon but thankyou for the offer and %.
    Regards Adrian

    • Hi Adrian,

      We hve locked CF in for trip one now, but you seriously need to get booked in if you are coming. We have recently sold a whole boat cruise for trip 2 PNG so that only leves 1 now and the Solomon’s etc. A number of passengers on board have an will be rebooking on board.

      Let me know if you end up doing it and talk to Sam or Brooke on 08 9192 1829 for any queries.



  8. Nice pic of the Abrolhos on the wall – who took that? It’s stunning.

  9. Ahh, I should have recognised that – My missus folks were crayfishos on in the southern group – they’ve got a Larry Mitchell at their place.. before he got rich and his paintings went up in value 😛

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