Melaluka and the Hunter River

Hunter River

Melaluka Back Falls

Melaluka Falls

Yesterday was for sure the highlight of the first week with the traditional True North 5 Star heli picnic at Melaluka Falls. We only found this site a couple of years ago so only those guests who have travelled on True North between now and then have experienced the beauty of Melaluka Falls.

This morning at the Hunter River we were presented with a traditional awe inspiring sunrise which showed off one of the more dramatic parts of the Kimberley in some fantastic light.


~ by True North Mark on September 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Melaluka and the Hunter River”

  1. I am quite amazed at the amount of photos you find the time to stitch and post on the trip! But very grateful, it is brilliant to be able to follow the adventures of Mark & CF 😀

    The first one especially I like!

  2. Hi Bo,

    Thanks mate!

    I too like the first one very much and was very excited when I found a perfectly level rock to stitch from.

    I am into my photos and am enjoying showing people what it is about True North and wheer we go that makes it so special.

    It is all about being organised.

    As they say…if you want something done, give it to a busy person!!

  3. Mark, mate you are showing sme very serious talent! Just who is the paid “pro” on that boat????

    • Thanks Graham,

      The talent was there I guess…it just needed fostering from Christian which has been great.

      Thanks for the comments.



  4. Mark,
    Mandy and I left you guys on Saturday, and are having the most dreadful withdrawal problems. The good news is that we have got our mates to join us for the Paradise tour in November 2010!
    Ted Yencken

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