More True North Images

TN at Cascades

Montgomery Gold

Montgomery Reef


The top image is of True North at Kings Cascades and the others are all of Montgomery Reef.

Montgomery is over 300 sq km and is an amazing specticale as it just ‘appears’ from no where with the huge Kimberley tides.

Our passengers must be loving True North and the Christian Fletcher coaching as it looks like we will be getting at least 6 people re booking other True North adventures on the boat!!!


~ by True North Mark on September 4, 2009.

16 Responses to “More True North Images”

  1. love the eastern reef egret photo, looks like the world drops off there

    i want to go here 🙂

    • Thanks Chloe…good to see you checking in now and then! You can go there by the way..on True North!!:)

  2. Mark,
    Am loving the images mate, especially the ones of Montgomery Reef… wish we had more fuel in the chopper when we were there… Damn fuel issues…..

    Bring on PNG ! ! !

    • Ahh yes…but we don’t have fuel issues coz we carry 10 tonne of Jet fuel with us on True North!! PNG here we come!!

  3. Mark,

    Can you get Christian to contact me asap please? I’m trying to organise helicopters etc… but can’t do for days he has requested.


  4. Nice pics. In particular the 3rd pic is absolutely stunning.

  5. Montgomery Reef looks amazing!

    • Yes awesome Bo!

      Have you booked PNG yet with Rod?

      5 couples from this trip have rebooked to join Christian and I next year on trip 2.



  6. It’s fantastic seeing the updates/images from the trip Mark – thanks. The True North looks amazing,bizarre and somewhat out of place up against the cascades there (if you know what I mean – such a stunning boat is generally seen at sea ! ) The cascades’ flow is looking a little low – but the season is dragging on of course.
    tone 🙂

    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, the cascades are low, but that is as low as they go really s they are fed from a spring now.



  7. Very cool set of images Mark on the recent post, sounds and looks like an awesome adventure ….

  8. Great set of images, love the ones of True North, looks like such a fantastic cruiser and looks brilliant with the scenic backdrops you get to take it too.

    • Thanks Graham,

      Yes, True North is puurpose built for what we do and it only draws 2.2m. That is how we can get it into these amamzing locations.



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