Raft Point and more great images from True North

Eagle Creek

Raft Point Sunrise

Whale Action

Steep Island

Well what a start to the morning this morning. Up at 4;45 and then a quick heli flight to the top of Raft Point and WOW…what way to start the day!!

Mike managed to get some awesome video footage up there as well so stay tuned for that next week on his return.

We had a mother and calf feeding right next to the boat for about 45 minutes yesterday…simply stunning, with Raft Point off in the distance.

~ by True North Mark on September 2, 2009.

14 Responses to “Raft Point and more great images from True North”

  1. Like the Raft point shot, Nice view!

  2. top stuff Mark – I like images 2 and 4 the best ! Stunning country for sure !

  3. Love the image of Steep Island and the whales. Whales are such a passion of mine.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes the whale action was exceptional. The baby was getting quite upset with mum for not playing the game right!!

  4. Raft Point and Steep island look awesome, I had no idea that landscape existed in Northern Australia, stunning shots.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yes, there is no doubt that what we have up here is gold. Let’s hope the gas development does not alter it in any way!!



  5. Stunning landscapes again, The Kimberley never ceases to amaze! “Up at 4:45 and then a quick heli flight” – gee life is tough on True North 😀

  6. Awesome images!! Honestly some serious talent on show here…looks like you are giving the “big guns” a bit of a challenge mate!!

    • Thanks for all the comments guys!

      Christian has been very busy with tutoring and has not had the time to work as many images as me.

      He is onto it now and hopefully will post some soon.

      THe people on board are really getting some great value having him on board as a tutor and you can really see their skills improving.



    • Might have to buy you a beer for that comment Graham!!

      • Just telling it like I see it mate…however, a wise man NEVER turns down a beer!!

  7. Nice Mark! Raft Point and Doubtful Bay would have to be some of my favorite places in the Kimberley. Keep having fun!

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