3 more!!

Yule Entrance

Curlews in FlightSand Piper

Here are 3 more from True North everyone.

A simply stunning sunrise this morning and a cracker pano that is still being processed.

This evening is shaping up to be even better at Raft Point with clouds forming as we speak….stay tuned!!


~ by True North Mark on September 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “3 more!!”

  1. Hey mate hows the trip going, looks like you and Fletch ar having a ball. I like the simplicity of the Curlews in flight, its a very good photo, I may be making this up but the horizon looks slightly out. That first pano is very interesting aswell. So many different types of scenery all packed into the one place. Good capture of the little sand piper as well.


  2. PNG Rod is trying to get me to sign up for the PNG trip, stop posting all kinds of amazing stuff from True North, too tempting!!!!

  3. As I said on Christian’s blog I’m sitting in the office at the moment and I’m just so jealous.


  4. Gday Mark,
    just been looking through some of the images you and Christian have got so far, awesome! It wold have been nice if i could have got off the boat more often than I did but there you go! A helo would have been nice too. Anyway, don’t wear your selves out up there, looking forward to further instalments!


  5. hey mark

    keep them comming mate there awesome mate im so jealous that i cant be there too haha maybe on another cruise some time


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