Rod Thomas has confirmed for PNG!!!

Tufi Village

It is official!! Rod Thomas has confirmed that he will be joining True North for some Photo adventures with myself on our Adventures in Paradise trip 2.

You can see the itinerary on our website and we still have a couple of cabins available if anyone else would like to join us for the photographic opportunity of a lifetime!!


True North Mark


~ by True North Mark on August 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “Rod Thomas has confirmed for PNG!!!”

  1. Hey Mark, Im waiting to hear back on the price for my left kidney, any bidders ! πŸ™‚

  2. To use a Rodney word: OUTSTANDING!

  3. Adrian,

    I just sold mine mate… will need a new after the trip… keep it on ice for me please mate

  4. its well worth it….. who needs em anyway Mark….
    Tell your girls on the office I said thanks so much for the help ! ! !

  5. Good one Rod, you guys will be getting up to some pretty cool adventures. Will look forward to the results.

    • He has a comment on his site…Rod 1..CF 0 strike up one for the little guys…very funny!!!

  6. Nice work, so many trips so little money lol.

  7. Money is so over rated!! I can tell you a story and it won’t take long!! A New York Stock Broker was in PNG for a Holiday. He saw a PNG fisherman coming up the beach with a large tuna over his shoulder.

    The broker asked what he was going to do with it. He replied..give it to my wife…she makes me lunch…I make love to her, then go to the pub and drink rum!!

    The broker replied what if I financed you into a fleet of boats so you could catch lots of tuna. The fisherman asked what he would do with all the fish.

    The broker explained that he would then finance him into a cannery and they would sell the tuna all over the world.

    The fisherman asked why he would want to do that.

    The broker told him that after a while they would float on the NY stock exchange and make lots of money.

    The fisherman asked what would I do with all the money and the broker replied..what ever you want!!

    The fisherman said…with a curious look on his face…what you mean like go fishing in the morning…have my wife make me lunch…then make love to my wife aand go to the pub and drink rum????!!!!

    You are a crazy man said the fisherman…why go to all that trouble when i am already doing what I like!!!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    My bit of philosophy for the night!!!

  8. Very deep Mark….. two down mate, 67 to go ! ! ! !

    • Deep but cool eh! I love that story and I run my lif eby it really…how much is enough…it is not a rehearsal…here for a good time, not a long time…if I knew i was going to get to 50, I would have looked after myself a bit more…etc etc!!!

  9. very True Mark! im only 23 and starting to think more and more like that lol.

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