A taste of the Kimberley!!!

Here is a shot of a beautiful bay in the Kimberley called Swift Bay. The is a resident Osprey perched on tope of the rocks and just a short walk from there through the mangroves is some great Bradshaw art.

Very pretty spot.

Osprey Nest

~ by True North Mark on August 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “A taste of the Kimberley!!!”

  1. Hey mate, I cant belive the rate at which you upload pics, haha I check your blog and theres 5 new posts, all with great photos. That place looks pretty cool, and the osprey nest just tops it off. Nice photo aswell.


    • Yep I am a machine eh Dan!!

      When I get passionate about something I go hard at it until I achieve the level I am aspiring to. I have had a great tutor in Christian and I am very much enjoying my new found passion.

      I approached skydiving with a similar vigor and ended up with numerous gold medals in 4 way, 8 way and 16 way freefall competition.

      Photography does it for me now and I love the serenity of getting out to beautiful places and now being able to capture them properly.

      Thanks for stopping by and the posts will keep coming mate I can assure you!!

      The Kimberley this weekend, the Rowleys shortley after that, then a trip or 2 to Europe, then PNG with Rod Thomas and then probably some Rotto stuff leading upto Xmas.

      Rotto is my second home and spend a lot of time over there.

      Cheers Dan,


  2. Nice Mark. In a scene like this though I would prefer all water in the foreground, makes the scene larger as we cannot see where the photog is standing etc.

    Bradshaw art…just one item on a very long list of things that are named very poorly and need new names – a list I will soon email to Mr. Rudd ! It’s not Kakadu, it’s not East Alligator River, it’s not Bradshaw art, it’s not Windjana, it’s not Nourlangie etc. All white fella history, all either spelled wrong or just plain wrong! Australia will thank me some day πŸ™‚

    • Hi Bo,

      Good luck with that!! You are probably going to need it I reckon…I avoid dealing with the Government like the plague.

      Remember the old saying…’I’m here from the Government and I’m here to help you’!!! πŸ™‚



  3. Makes me wanna start chucking poppers!

    • ???!!!:)

      • WTF?? You work on The True North in the KIMBERLEY and dont know what a popper is ???? Hehehe…a popper is a type of fishing lure, designed to imitate a school of bait fish. It makes for VERY exciting fishing…it is a very common practise in the north to chuck poppers at rock outcrops and sand banks for GT’s and Queenies.

      • Sorry Graham,

        Was not even thinking of fishing when you said that! Yes of course I know about Poppers!!

        Got my mind on boats and helicopters at the minute!



      • Hehe, yes I thought you would!!

        *SHUDDER* boats and helicopters…two of my least favourite things. Both make me sick and I have to spend 3 days in a heli shooting a motor racing event in Oct. You got any advice on how NOT to puke whilst riding a heli and looking through a camera???

      • Yes I do actually Graham!!

        It’s all about the horizon and taking your head out of the camera often enough so that you can get your horizon back.

        When you are not taking a shot be very disciplined in looking for the horizon for the rest of the time and that should help…hope it does for you!

        There is also an anti sea sick pill that you can get that my mate uses….name escapes me now but he swears by them. He has just sailed half way around the world from the Carribean to here!

  4. Yep I have been told to do that, both for the Heli’s and on boats. It does help a little but as soon as we bank to follow another vehicle, that damn horizon DISAPPEARS and Im left hanging out the door!!
    I guess its just a matter of time and getting used to it.

  5. I love helicopters and boats. Spent all my life on boats and was in the Navy. Nowdays I get to fly offshore to oil rigs, platforms and remote islands. I can’t get enough of them.

    BTW Mark check out my latest pic. πŸ™‚


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