Kings Park Memorial

Here is the first stitch of Kings Park yesterday.

I like the way the guy on the right was reading the tag so intently as I took the shot.

I think it shows what the memorial is all about.

Kings Park Memorial

~ by True North Mark on August 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “Kings Park Memorial”

  1. This is a really ice shot. Nice one Mark.

    • Thanks Graham,

      It was great to see the sun out again….I was really starting to get the Winter blues!!

      Just working up another one now.



  2. I can’t stand winter. When I was in the Navy I missed Winter for 3yrs in a row. It was an amazing three years. Six transits of the Great Barrier Reef, time hanging around Darwin and Far North Queensland and a 3mth stint in Hawaii and Samoa, what more could you want?

    Its a good shot Mark and as you said the guy reading the memorial portrays what a special place the memorial is.

    • I actually like winter when it comes, but it tends to just drag on sometimes!!

      Thanks for the comments Jamie….a vote for the second shot!!



  3. Top shot, sharp, symmetrical, great DOF, detailed…its a winner.

    • Thanks Graham,

      Another vote for the wider view…I think we are about even Stephen’s now!!



  4. Nice solid image don’t think you needed the grads on though as the clouds at the top would have looked better if they were white. You were using the grads???

  5. I was going to ask about the grads, then I saw Christians post. What grad did you use .3? I do agree with Christian, if you look just above the horizon you can see what the sky would have looked like without the filter, looks fine to me. It is still a great pano, with good composition.


    • .9 Dan. The sky was pretty bright, but with the advantage of hindsight probably should have done without any at all.

      Never mind, all part of the learning curve!



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