Early Spring shots from Kings Park now with Cloned Everlastings

I had the opportunity to get to Kings Park today after a meeting at Parliament House.

The clouds were awesome as was the light..finally!!!

Spring is nearly here people!

I have now amended the Everlasting shot as per CF and Jamies comments…looks better I think!!

Hope you like these first 2 images..I will work on the rest later and post them as I get them done.

Kings Park WF

Kangaroo Paw

~ by True North Mark on August 24, 2009.

14 Responses to “Early Spring shots from Kings Park now with Cloned Everlastings”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I think that first photo is spot on. I’m not a flower person but I’d really consider buying this one. The colours are vibrant and the main subject and the background subjects are very interesting. So well done!!! If I was to change anything I’d remove that white flower behind the in focus flower to try and make it stand out more.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jamie Paterson

  2. My favourite time of year! The wildflowers and orchids are going to be crackers this season. I am off out bush (again) on Sunday, following a bunch of WWII Jeep owners through wildflower country, I hope the Kingspark everlastings in your great photo are an indication that the bush variety will be out in force as well.

  3. Hi Mark

    Great shots. Just spent the weekend in the Midwest checking out the wildflowers. Really nice. My garden is full of kangaroo paws which are starting to show lots and lots of colour so will be getting shots of them soon. Will have to check out Kings Park before it is too late!

    • Yep, another beautiful pre Spring day again here…I can feel that vitamin D coming in an making all the difference!!

      Gotta be the best month of the year I reckon! Could be because I am a Virgo!!



  4. Hey Mark, love the first one, great composition, that white flower behind it bugs me a little, but still a great photo. the colours in the second photo are very vibrant, another nice shot. looks good, cant wait to get out and take some more photos.


    • Thanks Dan!

      Yep weather is looking good…another great day today for pics, but was a bit busy myself!!

  5. I’m in Melbourne on holiday, I think I brought the weather with me. Make the most of it people.

  6. Both great flower studies mark. I am with Jamie clone out the white flower behind the main one. Will help make the image better again. Kangaroo paw is very nice and soft. Nice shallow depth of field.

  7. Nice work Mark – I especially like the red/green kangaroo paw image, beautiful !

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