This one’s for Chloe!!

I was on a wordpress site a little earlier today where a little tacker by the name of Chloe was talking about depression and Bi Pola etc.

My take on life is that yes there is some up and downs for sure, we all have it, but these can easily be smoothed out by simply getting out there and embracing what there is to be had. Get the bucket list done early…don’t wait till it is too late.

This shot is of a great day out heli skiing. Never mind the great skiing that can be had by doing this, but the sights are just awesome.

Just wait till I do it next time with my 1D…look out!!

So, this and many of my other posts, show a few of the pleasures that can be experienced Chloe, that will keep you in a positive outlook on life..hope it helps!!
Heli Huddle

~ by True North Mark on August 23, 2009.

19 Responses to “This one’s for Chloe!!”

  1. Well said Mark…..
    Gotta love the Squirrel huh…..

    • Thanks Rod,

      I hope that Chloe checks it out and gets something from it. I have known a few crew with depression over the years and it is almost self perpetuating…once you are in that state of mind it feeds on itself.



    • An yes love the Squirrel mate!!

  2. I battle quite a lot of bipolar daemons myself so saying “easily be smoothed out” is perhaps oversimplifying a mental illness ever so slightly. I do agree strongly however that one of the best ways of combating it is getting out there! Get out in the world, new places, people, new experiences!!! The travel and experience drug is the best drug I know against depression. You’re also correct that once in the hole it is hard to dig oneself out and good friends are needed to help one out into the world again.

    • Hi Bo,

      I did not mean to over simplify the illness, but was trying to convey a positive option for anyone experiencing any form of depression, by any form of getting out there and having those life experiences.

      It sounds like you are well on the way to get over your issues by doing exactly that…well done!!

      On the jumping side of things…I think we might wait until you clock a few more than 2 jumps up before we will be coaching you on the canopy swooping gig!!! 🙂

  3. No worries mate, totally appreciate what you were conveying and you are ever so right – getting out there, life affirming experiences is the KEY !

    Re. canopy swooping gigs, yeah might wanna wait just a bit on that hehe! Who was it that said “It’s easy to fly, you just aim for the ground – and miss!” 😀

    • Love that saying Bo….’it is easy to fly, you just aim at the ground- and miss’!!! LOL 🙂

      Here’s another one for you: ‘man small…why fall…skies call…that’s all’!! 🙂

  4. Love the silence after the chopper leaves…strap in, grab a breath and run perfect 8’s with your partner in fresh untracked POW!! Doesnt get much better IMHO!

    • Hi Graham,

      Comments from a passionate heli skier i can tell!!! Yes, you have gotta love the silence after the roar and chaos abates after the heli leaves!! We were on the top of Wanaka in NZ one day after a big dump of snow and it was clear for as far as the eye could see…just beautiful when that noisy heli finally left!!

      And for sure nothing quite beats following your mate down and getting the figure of 8 thing going. DId you get to the snow this year? I am afraid I failed the mission this year…first time for a while!!



      • Yes mate, my wife and I are POW pigs from way back. We have boarded all over the globe. However, like yourself we missed out this year…having said that, Japan is only a few months away….

      • Very good!

        Yes, I skied Niseko a couple of years ago…very nice!

        My favourite is still Vail but!



      • Niseko is on my list. My fave is hands down, Chamonix…history, elevation, variety, food and wine and fantastic village atmosphere.

      • Then, Graham we share very similar lists!!

        I too have heard lots of good things about Charmonix and will be getting there in the next couple of years…your recommendation has probably sped that up a tad!!



      • Then keep in touch Mark, I have a mate who works in the village, he is a good bloke to have on side…local knowledge goes a long way.

      • For sure I will mate! Thanks for the heads up! I very much know the advantage of the local knowledge gig!!

  5. looks very appealing up on that mountain Mark, you get around don’t you.

  6. 🙂 nice photo & thanks for the words, although i agree with flemming – i guess it’s hard for anyone who hasn’t had bipolar or depression to truely understand what it’s like

    • Hi Chloe…good to hear from you! Don’t get me wrong as I said to Bo, I am not trying to make light of your condition. But I know for sure that what will help your condition is simply getting out there and getting amongst things.

      I have a daughter about your age and the way I see it it is that you have it all in front of you.

      Hope this helps in some way…enjoy!



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