Golden Reflections at Karijini

Here is a 5 photo stitch that I took at Karijini with Christian and Mike. I have tried to stitch this a few times, but failed due to the control points being an issue. Well this time I persevered and made it!! Pretty happy with the result, the colours are awesome as are the patterns.

Well Christian and Neal, here is the crop and I hope you like it better, coz I blew it and push save instead of save as…coz i was a bit weary…doh):!! I guess if we agree that it was better the other way I can redo it again…just another 2 hours worries!

I think this version does look cleaner though!

Golden Reflections

Cropped Reflections

~ by True North Mark on August 23, 2009.

16 Responses to “Golden Reflections at Karijini”

  1. Struth, that would have been akin to doing a jigsaw of the sky!!

    • Yes Graham…it took a while to get PTGUI to sort it out believe me!!

      I reckon it would look great as a large piece on canvas. It is very sharp and the patterns are amazing!!

      Thanks for the comments,



  2. Hey Mark, this is great, awesome texture in the water topped off with a great reflection.
    Would be great on a wall at TNA or on the TN.

    • Thanks Adrian,

      Glad you liked it and for sure it would look good on the True North…running out of wall space is teh only problem!!



  3. Very nice patterns and colors Mark, nice new POV as well. But if I can offer one bit of critique it would be that light patch just right of center, the blue and green i find distracting. My eye is drawn towards this more so than the rock and water textures. Otherwise very nice image captured …

  4. I agree with Neal a little but having been there when this was taken it was part of the whole experience, so for me it is ok. This was the best I had seen Handrail pool in the 6 times I have been in Karijini. Maybe Mark this might look better as a pano and you could crop the bottom off. Still the blue is nice too. Ah well who knows, print it up and then decide!!

  5. I like this one, when you first start stitching photo’s I used to picture an image, take the shots, stitch and then spend hours trying to work out the best crop. Try a few variations and see what works best. I’d keep the top of the image though, I loaded the large version into the browser and held a piece of card over the image (my low tech pre-crop tool) top half and then the bottom half, top half won.

    • Thanks Matthew,

      That is what I was going to do actually…is to experiment with some crops, so watch this space and see what transpires!!



  6. Cropped reflections rocks Mark … much better for my eyes

  7. Ouch mate, always make a backup. Looks just the ticket, that green was quite over bearing. Great final product.

    • Thanks Matthew,

      I am normally pretty careful with that sort of stuff, but was getting a little tired and guess what mistakes are made. The good thing is that most who have commented say that the new version is better so no need to go and redo!!



  8. You might hate this Mark but I like the first version better! I think it has lost some colour an vibrance. However I do think it is cleaner and probably easier on the eye. Sometimes you have to break the rules hey. Also my judgement may be a little off this week all things considered.

    • All comments gratefully accepted mate!!

      It is interesting the range of likes and dislikes of these 2 images..which is cool. I might do this sort of thing a little more often with different crops to see what people think.

      Rest well mate!!

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