Sydney Opera House with Christian’s Tut’s

Here is another image I have worked up with some of the techniques featured in Christian’s tut’s.

Guess which ones!!!

Sydney Opera House

~ by True North Mark on August 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sydney Opera House with Christian’s Tut’s”

  1. nice view of the opera house, is that from a boat? Got to love those tutorials hey markie ;-0)

    • Yeah mate at Midnight after having dinner on a friend’s yacht.

      Hand held with the 50mm prime at 1.2!!

  2. Very nice indeed… you say handheld… high iso and a little noise ninja?

    • Yep you bet Graham!! 800 ISO, but it really wasn’t that noisy…although I did use Noise Ninja for sure.

      I did a bit of HDR blending because the highlights were blown out the first time round. This came out way better than the first image I worked up!



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