Mask and HK Tower

After looking at Christian’s latest tutorials, I decided to pull out a couple of abstract images to experiment with some of the tricks shown in the tuts.

These next 2 images are the result…which I thought came out OK..ish!!


HK Tower&Star Ferry


~ by True North Mark on August 20, 2009.

12 Responses to “Mask and HK Tower”

  1. love them both mate. The city shot is great, dark grungy, you can just imagine Batman living there!

  2. Very nice Mark. I really like both, but the HK Tower is my fav.

    • Thanks Graham,

      I was very fortunate when i was there. It was the clearest I have ever seen the place in 20 years and the clouds were awesome!!



  3. Thats city shot is amazing mate…. really like it w

  4. Hi Mark,

    I love the HK Tower / Ferry shot. Guess I know which tutorial I’m looking at this weekend. 🙂


    • Very good Jamie,

      I know you will get some benefit out of it. I have been using some of those techniques for a while now as Christian has showed them to me before, but there were a couple of things the Tutorial cleared up for me which was cool and what’s more now I can refer back to it when ever I want.

      Have a good weekend and hope that you get over that lurgy!!



  5. Love the feeling and mood you’ve created with the HK image. Love the subtle reflections off the building face as well.

    See I told you i’d start to make more of an effort with this blogging now! Watching is sooo easy though!!!

  6. Hey Mark, the mask photo is good but I too like the HK tower and ferry one too. It has a somewhat dark feeling too it, yet its subtle enough to not look too processed. Which tut was it, im thinking the waterfall one, i might have to watch it again.


    • You need to get Christian’s latest tut mate!

      The one on the building and the cloud.

      It is near the top of his blog.



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