Heli Spotting into Japan

This jump was up there as one of the more testing I have done! Jumping into the launch of the first Australian ferries ever delivered to Japan down south at Kumomoto.

I did a jump into the launch here and the owner was so impressed he flew me to Japan to do the same thing over there.

Curve ball city!!! Overcast and rainy day, cloud base about 2,000 ft, landing area a small car park on the waters edge surrounded by power lines, Pilot could not speak english at all and had to go thru an interpreter and I had a 10 minute window with which to land within the ceremony schedule!!!

I had my suit underneath and some gold scissors. When I landed I gave the mayor the scissors to cut a ribbon and start the festivities.

A stress full but cool jump!!!
Spotting into Kumomoto

~ by True North Mark on August 20, 2009.

16 Responses to “Heli Spotting into Japan”

  1. I felt stressed just reading this mate. BTW that flying suit is classic, nothing like some Australian advertising hey!!

    • Yes, that suit did some demos mate I can tell ya! A mate had it built in Bali when we were there for a boogey and I bought it off him. It was a real fan with the crowds!!

  2. Your a braver man than me mate… Having said that, I am looking at doing a skydive sometime in the near future huh…… not sure if its a wise move but have always wanted to do it… so why the hell not….

    • I just know you will like it mate…best thing you can do with your pants on!! If I could bottle what people get out of thier first jump I would be a multi billionaire!! It is a natural high beyond all highs, like climbing and conquering your own Mount Everest, but in a controlled way.

      I actually did my first 3 jumps at Elderslie which is north of Newcastle in 1986!! I am guessing that is where you will do your fist jump as well mate!



  3. Jeezuz…chewing holes in my seat just looking at that photo!

  4. Mark,
    Will probably do it at Warnervale, on The Central Coast if I do it at all… will keep u posted ok….

    Still working on PNG mate

    • OK here’s a deal for you! If you book PNG, I will give you a free tandem over here and I will fly your video for free!! Only hook is that you have to get here to do it!



  5. Looks like you belong in the SAS!

    • Hi Dave,

      Have a read of one of my earlier replies on this subject…if you need to live on the edge without falling off!!

      Being in any sort of Military force is certainly like going over the edge in my book and where things can easily become out of your control!!

      Putting yourself in a situation where some mad mother is able to point a gun at you and pull thr trigger is not my kind of fun. I know a few SAS dudes and I fully take my hat of to them.

      They do a great service to us allby keeping us safe from the extremists and I do not put myself in that league at all.

      But I do have a triple diploma in having fun!!



  6. Yea here here… I have always wanted to jump out of plane but can tell you now I would never do it. ‘Fraid to say I don’t have the stones! Being a pilot i have at times looked out the window and though long and hard about if I could do it but I doubt it would happen. My girlfriend has been twice though!

    • I had a student once who said to me the only reason she wanted to do it was because the thought of it scared her so much!!

      She was very shy and introverted. Well after she did that one jump her life changed forever. She became more confident, went to dance lessons, became an instructor, ended up in a womans 4 way freefall team etc etc.

      So sometimes you have to face these trepidations mate..head on!!

      The other benefit that I have found is that what you learn from jumping about how to handle stress and tough situations you can very well carry onto life in general. Therefore when stressful situations in life appear, it is easy to apply the cool head tactics learned from jumping.

  7. Hey Mate, good little story there, that suit is just plain awsome haha, I love it, do you still jump with it? Why would you jump out of a perfectaly good plane? Why not, I think id like to do that one day, it looks pretty damn fun. Have you ever considered or done base jumpping? Maybe more dangerous but i cant think of anything that would be a bigger rush.


    • Hi Dan,

      No i gave that suit to the DZ a few years ago. The reason why you jump out of a perfectly good plane is because you can!! Best fun you can have with your pants on!! I don’t do base jumping. Too risky for mine!! There is no guarantee that the chute will open on heading and if it does not then you are screwed! That is where I drew the line.

      Thanks for visiting!



  8. I say BRING BACK THE MO!!!!!!!!!!!

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